Welcome to bydelshusene in Skien

Culture, courses, home-made food and a meeting place for Skien residents of all ages - these are bydelshusene in a nutshell. On the website you will get a short presentation of the offers we have, but we hope you will contact us if you want more information or want to have a chat.

In any case, we welcome you to visit us!

Gråtenmoen bydelshus

Gråtenmoen terrasse 16

3732 SKIEN

Telefon: 35544600

E-post: gratenmoen@bydelshus.no

Menstad bydelshus

Haugsåsveien 30

3712 SKIEN

Telefon: 35913912

E-post: menstad@bydelshus.no

Lie bydelshus

Cappelensgate 8

3717 SKIEN

Telefon: 35544670

E-post: lie@bydelshus.no