Rental of premises at Lie bydelshus

PAF room | 12 people

Projector and screen

Kafeen | 20 people

Large room with several small tables that can be moved as desired. No projector in this room.


Kafeen | 80 people

Rented for large meetings, baptisms, confirmations, etc. outside our opening hours. The cafe has a stage w / sound system + projector and screen


The stage room | 25-40 people

Meeting room with stage, projector and sound system

Contact us on telephone 35544670 for information and prices

Gråtenmoen bydelshus

Gråtenmoen terrasse 16

3732 SKIEN

Telefon: 35544600


Menstad bydelshus

Haugsåsveien 30

3712 SKIEN

Telefon: 35913912


Lie bydelshus

Cappelensgate 8

3717 SKIEN

Telefon: 35544670